11 Mar What Small Businesses Can Do Now About Coronavirus

It’s likely that all U.S. businesses will feel the ripple effect caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), whether it be a decline in sales, severed operations, supply chain disruptions, cancelled business events and travel, or employee absences.

But because most small businesses run extremely lean, with tight margins and just enough staff to cover shifts, the effects of the spread of the virus could be particularly damaging to bottom lines. Already, many small retailers in local communities are struggling to provide sick pay to employees and encountering a major slowdown in foot traffic due to increased public caution.

While only time will tell what the actual scope of the virus will be in the U.S., our new infographic (below) offers practical advice for small businesses to stay afloat during this, or any kind of public health emergency. Click here for more information on emergency small business loans.

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