What Are Your Options for Commercial Business Financing?

If your business is rapidly growing and needs an influx of capital, commercial business financing can be the solution. But with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best one. Commercial business requirements are unique, and you need a loan that is built for you. Despite traditional lending options being readily available, they can be difficult to qualify for. Plus, they may not offer the combination of funds, rates, and service level that you desire. However, alternative lenders such as QuickBridge overcomes these challenges by combining advanced technologies with a tailored lending approach.

The Challenges of Traditional Choices for Commercial Financing

The Small Business Administration (SBA), has long worked to support newly established organizations. As part of this, they connect small business owners who need working capital to partnering lenders who provide commercial business financing.

The SBA lending system is designed so that the SBA sets guidelines for the loans made by its partnering lenders, who are mostly traditional banks. This reduces the risk for the lender, which should increase the chances of loan approval. However, it’s still difficult to qualify for an SBA loan and secure funding for your company.

The SBA does offer potential access to significant funding of up to $5.5 million. Though the time it takes to search through your options, navigate commercial business financing rates, and get approved may not be right for you. Not only do SBA loans require a lot of time and attention, but they come with a set of strictly enforced requirements. Extensive loan applications require heavy documentation on the financial details of your business and can take weeks to process.

Alternative financing lenders like QuickBridge, work to make obtaining commercial business loans easier, with quick decisions and approvals. So don’t let challenges you’ve faced getting funds in the past hold your business back. QuickBridge offers attainable commercial business financing that can be used to help you cover specific expenses.

Commercial Business Financing to Help You Take on New Projects

Taking on a new project typically requires access to commercial business financing to invest in equipment, purchase retail inventory, or renovate.

Getting short-term financing is ideal when looking to take immediate advantage of an opportunity to grow and is typically easier to qualify for than a long-term business loan. If you’re in the retail or healthcare industry, a merchant cash advance loan is designed specifically to help you get a head start on a new idea. The repayment schedule for these loans is typically built around your anticipated credit and debit card sales, so it’s structured for the exact scale of the goods you’re trying to purchase.

We also offer:

• Unsecured loans for small business owners with little collateral.

• Bridge loans for stop-gap financing to cover essential expenses.

• Bad credit business loans for those in need of capital but have less-than-stellar credit.

Business Capital to Help You Handle Employee Staffing

Have you been presented with a new opportunity that requires additional staff? Or maybe you’re entering your busy season short on workers. You’re not alone. Staffing problems are common for many commercial organizations, especially with the emergence of new technologies in the small business space. You need skilled employees who can help you keep up with shifting industry demands.

Working capital loans can provide you with the funds needed to keep up with payroll costs and to cover expenses related to hiring and training new employees.

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Meeting Your Commercial Business Lending Needs

Many small business owners face similar challenges when it comes to commercial business loans. You need quick access to capital and an easier application process or more loan options than offered through traditional channels. You’ve invested personally in your organization and just need some additional help.

Emerging lenders are resolving these issues through loan options built specifically for accomplishing these needs. As an alternative lender, QuickBridge uses an advanced technology platform to process loan applications quickly – often getting funds to the borrower within hours.

But speed isn’t enough to overcome all your issues. While businesses may share the same lending challenges, their commercial business financing requirements are unique.

This is where QuickBridge can offer you a real advantage. Our knowledgeable financial advisors take the time to get to know your business and asses your funding requirements, to ensure that we’re offering you the right financing solution.