What Are Short-Term Business Loans and How Do They Work?

For most small businesses, short-term business loans make perfect sense when you want to expand, account for volatile sales, or just need quick access to cash. That makes them much more versatile and helpful for a wide range of small business owners in industries like product manufacturing, retail, B2B services and many more.

There are a lot of financing options out there for business owners, but many of them are not ideal for smaller companies or for those that aren’t well established. Unlike short-term business loans, traditional long-term financing offer large sums of cash that need to be repaid over a long period of time. This time period for repayment could be at minimum one year but usually it’s over several years. Additionally, it’s more difficult for small businesses to get approved for long-term financing. The time between starting the credit application process and receiving funds can take weeks and requires a lot more documentation.

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Short-Term Business Loans Unlock Your Company’s Potential

Do you need help maintaining cash flow throughout the year in a seasonal business like the construction industry? Are you looking to take advantage of an opportunity to grow earnings quickly? Does your business simply need a better option for a small business loan? Short-term business loans might be just what you’re looking for.

How to Use Short-Term Business Loans:

Small business owners and entrepreneurs rely on short-term business loans in a variety of situations:

1. To smooth cash flow between peak sales months and stay on top of expenses all year.

2. Help cover an emergency or unexpected expense, like repairing or replacing important equipment.

3. Pay for costs that will be reimbursed once an insurance claim is processed.

4. Take advantage of a surprise discount to purchase inventory that will get sold quickly.

Short-Term Business Loans for Bad Credit

Unlike most long-term loans, short-term business loans for bad credit are usually more readily available. Bad credit may come at no fault of your own – it’s often simply because your business hasn’t been around very long. It may also be due to your revenue not being on par with long-term loan standards. Short-term loans can provide even those with less-than-stellar credit a chance to grow well into the future.

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